Pricing on work like this varies massively from job to job depending a lot on the condition of the car and estimated time spent

All paint work is estimated using the information provided, the more details you provide the more accurate the quote will be .

Although we try to be as accurate as possible when initially quoting a job ( and try to honour these prices ) there is sometimes occasions when further unseen work is found and will need to be charged for accordingly, in addition to the original price .

I have included some prices on this page but they are for guidance only and the best way to obtain an accurate quote is to contact us directly

  • Condition A: No rust, No welding, Straight panels, Only minor dents scratches and chips.
  • Condition B:  Surface rust, Wavy and dented panels, Minor welding required.
  • Condition C: Panel replacement, Extensive welding, Panel fabrication or full restoration services.

Cars similar in size to

  • Small car is- Mazda 2, Suzuki swift .
    A. £4850 B. £5750 C. £7250+ vat
  • Mid size car ie- Honda civic, Mazda3 .
    A. 5350 B. £6350   C. £7850 + vat
  • Large car is- Nissan Silvia, Toyota supra
    A. £5950 B. £6950 C. £8450 + vat

All prices are plus vat

Panels painted

  • Bonnet from £450 + vat
  • Wings from £280+ vat
  • Bumpers from £320 + vat
  • Sideskirts from £260 + vat per side
  • Doors from £300+ vat


(Rear tubs for over fender fitting)

  • £550 + vat for standard tubs
  • £800 + vat for extended tubs ( used when blending over fenders )
  • Blended over fenders £1875 + vat ( this is for bonding and blending of fenders but does not include the metal tubs )
  • Show car paint finish – The best finish we can give you from £1700+ vat  extra depending on the size and condition of the car
  • Bare metal respray: removing paint and preparing a car for media blasting or dipping £1000-£2500 + vat on average
  • Custom paintwork or colours. Air brushing, metal flake and candy colours please email me direct with your requirements

With all our full resprays we will ask for a £250 +vat non refundable deposit to hold a booking date for the work . When the car is dropped in for work to be carried out we ask for 50% of the total ( minus the initial holding deposit ) or a £3000 deposit and staged payments weekly or monthly throughout the job . 

What’s not included in the prices listed

Transportation fees: We generally ask that you arrange your own transport for delivery and collection of the vehicle or we can invoice you for transport to and from blasting / stripping if necessary

Window removal : this is generally outsourced and as such is an additional cost to full resprays ( please note window companies do not guarantee the glass will survive removal so if you decide to have the glass removed you need to be prepared for the additional cost of replacing glass )

Parts : Panels and fastenings if required.

We can source most oem and aftermarket parts directly from japan at good “ to your door “pricing .