Kims Merlin Purple S15

Kims Merlin Purple S15

Kim’s s15 came to us after having some work carried out elsewhere previously , as you can see in the pictures the car was in need of some tlc !

originally we were to paint the car white again and blend the quarter panels along with fitting a new bodykit

After some deliberation Kim decided to take the plunge and make the car how she had always wanted it to be , so we opted to paint the car Audi Merlin purple which works really well I think !

The car now looks stunning , the blended quarters add an extra 25mm to the rear arches without losing the original body lines of the car .

A favourite touch of mine was doing the smoothed in aerocatches ; they really look awesome against the vented bonnet !

Kim has since made some power upgrades too and is finally out enjoying the car as much as possible and looking how she has always wanted it to