P1 Coatings

Where can P1 be used on your car?

What is peelable paint or Liquid PPF?

P1 Coatings are taking the paint protection film to a whole new level by combining the advantages of PPF with the advantages of paint. The result of this is a liquid paint that dries to form a tough film that can be applied to the impact areas of cars or entire vehicles to protect their beautiful paint finishes from environmental hazards such as UV degradation, sand blasting, stone chips, bug impacts, bird droppings and other road debris. Since it is completely transparent, the perfectly clear peelable paint has the added benefit of not compromising a car’s appearance while being applied as a liquid it will flow around the edges of each panel, effectively making it truly invisible.

While the products are delivered transparent we offer a unique range spanning over 70.000+ OEM colour matching options and practically an infinite variation of custom colours. 

A great example of this is the car above! This has had a full P1 coat applied to change its colour from a bright orange.


Main advantages over “clear bra” protection.

•   No visible edges

•    Practically invisible

•    Full UV protection

•   Easy to remove with no residual glue left on the existing paintwork 

•   Can be applied in almost any colour

•   Average install time of 2 -3 days